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..... there is something for everyone .....

Looking for colours ? Then don't ignore the light animals because most have loads of colour genetics.

After 21 years of successful alpaca-breeding we are moving towards retirement.



Most of our quality breeding stock is now for sale. Many will not be listed for sale

& direct enquiry is strongly encouraged..

Please do not hesitate to enquire now.

* Please note that the price and availability of animals listed here may change without notice.


If you can't see what you want or would like more information on those animals listed, please contact Denise directly, by phone or email (see Home Page ).


GST is applicable on all Arcadian Alpacas' sales within Australia
Arcadian Alpacas are participants in the Q-Alpaca Programme. Member #05/0091

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name IAR sex dob colour price
88455 F 07/03/2007 Solid white/ mostly fawn genes PLS ENQ.
201659 F 08/01/2014 Solid L-MF roaning PLS ENQ.
201672 F 10/11/2014 Solid light fawn PLS ENQ.
186846 F 01/04/2013 Solid Medium Fawn (Roan ?) PLS ENQ.
201661 F 13/01/2014 Solid white (appaloosa gene) ENQ/PACK
201674 F 18/02/2013 SDBR w/BLK points PLS ENQ.

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Stud Males
name IAR sex dob colour price
186822 M 10/05/2012 Solid dark fawn $ NEG
201667 M 13/05/2014 Solid dark fawn PLS ENQ.
201662 M 03/03/2014 Solid True Black Roan $ NEG

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Pets and Guardians
name IAR sex dob colour price

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